DJ SEGA- New Jack Philly mixedtape CD

Image of DJ SEGA- New Jack Philly mixedtape CD


we are *super lucky* to be able to distro fresh from Ol' Head Records/Mad Decent: DJ Sega's New Jack Philly Mixedtape!
28 tracks of Philly club madness, mixed as only the king of Philly club could:
1.Seg's theme
2. Boss Theme
3. MK Theme
4. Tetris theme
5. Miss U
6. Reel luv
7. My luv is the ish
8. Believe in love
9. shorty get down
10. No cruelty
11. New Jack Dream
12. Tic Toc
13. Philly Clear Throat
14. Everybody handz up
15. Hell Fuk Yeah
16. Phillassippi slide
17. Uptown Juice
18. u bad sista break
19. Seg's break
20. Off the break
21. MJ Break
22. I'm Black
23. Cops theme
24. Segs Power
25. Mighty Morphin theme
26. MK II
27. Bill Nye's theme
28. Reminisce

This is an *instant party* so grab it while they last and be on the lookout for new SEGA merch super-soon!!