No Thanks D.I. kill Y. 7inch + CD discography

Image of No Thanks D.I. kill Y. 7inch + CD discography


Featuring past & future members of: Nonetheless, Since Day One, Left Behind, Game Over, Lead Us Not, the Jasmine Fire, Alarmcaster and Dj Ruxbin on Vocals, No Thanks recorded D.I. kill Y. in the winter of 2006 at Surreal Sound Studios on Frankford & Girard.

This is a very heavy, lo-fi, almost 'destroyed' sounding piece of evil thrashey grindmetal.. played with a drunken punk rock DIY approach. On Orange or Orange with Black Splatter Vinyl and accompanied by a CD of the entire record + 2 bonus tracks from the DIkillY session and Live Remixes from 2 members of the band, as well as tape transfers of live and early demo performances including blistering covers of NIN and Nirvana.

*Hand Numbered* *Ships Free* *displeases god*